Audio-Visual Support (Design and Installation Assistance)

Need Help with a System or Need a System Design?

We can help you design and install your system. Systems that we can design and help you install are:

  • Small Sound Reinforcement Systems

  • Televisions & Projectors (and related accessories)

  • Web Livestreaming Systems

How it Works

  1. Customer (You) contacts us to get suggestions on which parts to purchase.

  2. We contact you to get what requirements you will need (arrange a site survey if necessary).

  3. We give you the links to where you can purchase the equipment.

  4. Once all equipment arrives, we schedule installation day. (Most installs take less than 1 day or 1 to 2 days depending on size and number of parts).

Your Message Heard Loud and Clear!

Call Austin Althouse today and get the Althouse Sound and Weather difference and ask us how we can make your message loud and clear!